Friday, November 20, 2015

The effort of engagement...

What with ever more disturbing news from around the globe,  extreme climate events, political unrest, mass migration and horrifying acts of terrorism, the circus that has become our presidential selection process, senseless gun deaths in our very neighborhood, and etc, etc, it is understandable (I believe) that one would feel quite 'undercut' morale-wise. How does one go about one's day without resorting to denial?   It does not seem surprising that life expectancy for middle-aged white males is said to be 'shrinking' - in some views, due to despair.  New global challenges are being exposed and documented every day, thanks to the internet.  Thankfully there are many 'watch' groups set up to monitor these things.  I am grateful that passionate people are doing the important investigative work --  and I also must lapse into 'withdrawal' mode from time to time, during which I delete scads of email entreaties/requests for money, and have to work hard simply to ward off a deep desire to hide in the house!  Well... I cannot give much money nowadays, under the best of circumstances.  What I can do is volunteer and rally; put time and energy to constructive use...

What IS the use?  Sometimes I buckle under a weighty sense of futility.  But that is just where another inner voice protests, '...future outcomes (or the hope of particular outcomes) are not the reasons for action!  If we care, there is no choice!'  In a sort of mental/emotional mutiny against the tide of news from Europe and the Middle East, two cogent points have been ringing in my mind for the past few days regarding my own capabilities and activism.  First of all, for as long as I am here and able, I am determined to spend my time standing up for the planet and other beings (some of them human!) The other obvious point is to be present to appreciate the good life I have in this beautiful part of the world.  These are my most important jobs.  Is optimism necessary?  No.

A climate rally at Pacific Gas & Electric

Annie and me - at SF March for Elephants

At SFSPCA - more fuzz therapy!

From a practice walk yesterday; walk-pilgrimage set to resume April of next year.