Monday, December 12, 2016


...been having an ongoing struggle with speechlessness ever since my return from this protracted and oft-interrupted walk venture.  First there were the weeks of post-jaw-fracture treatment to endure. (See last two posts.)  Dental work from this ordeal is still in process, what with the additional weeks that elapsed as I readjusted to chewing and before I could open my mouth far enough to see a dentist.  The 'bite' will probably never be the same, nor will my my yawn be as wide as before. But I can at least function with a degree of normalcy.

In the midst of this experience, and as soon as it was able(!), my jaw was dropping with the influx of election-related news that, to me, defied all reason.  Clearly, the outcome was based more upon emotion than reason, and I know that my own emotions are running higher with each announcement of presidential cabinet picks.  Horrified amazement predominates.  Every day I am struck dumb all over again.   And filled with dismay for the future of the non-human inhabitants of our fragile planet, as well as most of(!) the human ones. In light of the most recent devolution of our sociopolitical situation I am more determined than ever to resume walking this spring. What feels different now is that I am not sure how it will be possible to 'complete' the pilgrimage. What would that look like? When will it seem that I have walked far enough? Getting to the East Coast may not be the end of it, though it may be the end of me, stamina-wise! So - in the spring I shall embark upon OEWP-Phase 3, heading to my last year's stopping point in Indiana.

Meanwhile, waxing sentimental about the holiday season is a practice I must leave to others, though I can take a moment to enjoy the seasonal drifts of red and yellow leaves on our street, collecting in the gutters and creating havoc for the street sweeping trucks.  Festive enough for me!

Street art...

Good luck to us all in the New Year!!