Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Live and learn - best to re-commit to that practice now!

As my Facebook friend Walkin' Don Moseman* emphasized, it will be of primary importance to '...listen to your body; pay attention to your body.'  Typically, I think I am already doing that.  And to some degree it's true.  But lately I've had the opportunity to further sharpen that skill...

Regular visits to the fitness center continue, and have been good therapy in many ways; however, a particular stretching exercise I've been doing seems to have had a detrimental effect.  Luckily I've noticed the connection, and found another way to do the same stretch.  Clearly, healing is happening now, with a little help from acupuncture and KT tape.  But here's the thing - it's time to resume those practice walks, and the question is:  how far and/or vigorously shall I exercise while still slightly injured?  The obvious answer - listening to my body!

*Walkin' Don has crossed the U.S. on foot multiple times.  On meeting him (a big, strapping, long-legged fellow of about 6'5") I could see why he was able to cover as much as 50 miles in a day(!)  My own ambitions fall a bit short of that!

Unseasonably warm night with no wind at all; at a bayside restaurant we actually sat outside - in December!

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