Monday, March 23, 2015

Walk Day 1 -- Farewell to the Pacific coast!

Getting the actual walk reporting off the ground seems like a good idea, since posts may become scarce in the near future for lack of internet access...

After a pleasant train ride to San Luis Obispo on Saturday, I was driven to Avila Beach yesterday by my gracious host, Ellen. (Remember her?  She set me up with this blog last year, before moving down here from San Francisco.) After breakfast with an ocean view, we walked out on the pier for a bit, and then I set out on my 11+ mile walk back to SLO. Gorgeous day, lots of bikers, runners and walkers on the 'Bob Jones Trail' leading out of Avila Beach. Then it was a freeway service road for the rest of the walk into SLO.  No, I didn't bring the whole trailer and gear assembly; that will happen when I leave town tomorrow!

No ocean view on the way out of Avila Beach, but the walk was mostly scenic, with green hills, wildflowers (poppies, lupine, vetch, mustard, etc.) and many aromatic plants to enjoy (fennel, mugwort, various sages.)

This stopover is/has been a great gift.  I feel wonderfully well looked after and am enjoying a peaceful couple of days among friends and the comforts of 'town life', before striking out on my own, into the great unknown!


  1. Oh, my comments disappeared; o.k., i'll try again ... with saying much thanks for taking us along with you both in your heart and, when it works, in/on your blog. Waving and wishing you well Rin ... ask someone to take a photo of you on your travels. Hugs my friend —

  2. It was my pleasure to have you here, and to be inspired by the spirit of your project. Greatness by proximity .... happy trails!

  3. Joseph and I really enjoyed meeting you in California Valley this last weekend. I wish that we had more time to talk. Bhatalo drom (lucky roads/good journey) I will look forward to your blog updates.