Sunday, July 3, 2016

Home for the holiday. That would the the July 4th holiday...

A keen interest in taking better care of myself than I did last year has prompted a week long walk-break which, in this case, has meant a return to SF for the R&R and a couple of physical 'tune-up' issues.  It's such a blessing to be able to make the trip home.  And it's probably better than spending the red, white and blue holiday in the mid-west where American flags engender a near-religious fervor all year long.

On Thursday, the 7th I head back to my stopping point in Moline, Illinois.  Some recent research supports a shift in route, to a walking path across Illinios that is part of the relatively newAmerican Discovery Trail, a semi-coordinated project connecting walking and biking pathways across the US.  The piece I hope to intersect with in a few miles follows a couple of canal routes and a  road formerly made of wooden planks(!)  I am hoping that the way is adequately navigable for a cart like mine.  Much as I appreciate the 2-lane highway, it isn't always so hospitable for my purposes, what with the unusable or absent shoulders.  This has been more apparent as I have come further east.

While in San Francisco my intention is to spend as much time as possible near the Bay and/or Ocean Beach.  For the sea breeze, negative ions and to watch the seabirds, especially my avian heroes, the brown pelicans!


  1. I love your posts Rin. When everyone was hanging American flags after 9/11 I bought two World flags, one small one for my truck aerial and one large one for the railing outside my apartment window. I drove through Nevada, Idaho, and into Montana to Glacier National Park in the summer of 2002 with that small flag flying. There were American flags everywhere.
    P.S. I haven't stood up for the national anthem at sports events since the Vietnam War and am usually the only one.

  2. Glad you're taking care of your physical body as well as other parts! :) xoxo

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