Monday, February 20, 2017

'Unconditional' activism

Here are a few more thoughts from last week; both seem important.

First of all, on the subject of activism - A friend and I were recently discussing the ever more urgent need to engage actively in standing up for our principles - and for liberties we have probably been taking for granted.  In particular, how can we know that our efforts are having an impact, and, more to the point, I believe, is it necessary to see concrete 'results'?   Lately it seems to me that such assurances (of results) are a luxury and that activism is simply our responsibility, whenever and however we can participate, and whether or not we are convinced of or can see its effects.  Many of our actions will be 'fruitless' in practical terms, but we cannot let that fact silence our voices.

And speaking of taking things for granted - in my several seasons of pilgrimage so far, it has never been so clear to me as it is now,  that I might not have the nerve to embark on this walk were I not a white person.  That thought has certainly crossed my mind regularly in past seasons; it's just that in our present sociopolitical climate it becomes even more painfully obvious!

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