Sunday, August 3, 2014

Practice Walk #2

Although I cannot be as precise about the distance covered in yesterday's San Francisco loop walk,  I think it compares adequately with Practice Walk #1.  (It's on my agenda to acquire a pedometer that measures distance as well as steps...)

The route from my address described the 'northern SF perimeter', first over 17th Street to the Castro, and down to the Ferry Building via Market Street, and then along the waterfront from SF Bay around to Ocean Beach.  Most of this was along city streets, but there were trails in the Presidio and Land's End Parks.  Asphalt and packed earth are both so much more 'forgiving' than concrete, so I try (wherever it is safe to do so) to walk on the roads, in bike lanes, and on asphalt paths.  The return home was through Golden Gate Park.  I believe this amounted to 15 - 16 miles distance.  

It does not escape me that I have some gorgeous and panoramic scenery to enjoy while I'm working on strength and stamina.  Also, that I have a shower and a comfortable bed and the end of a day's work-out!  

Lotta's Fountain on Market Street

View from Ft. Mason

View from Land's End, with lots of pretty red poison oak in the foreground!

 Mile Rock and Pt. Bonita in the distance.

Ocean Beach from the Cliff House.

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