Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Supports, Therapies and Practice Walk #4

The walk last week was a variation on my usual theme of crossing the GG Bridge, only this time I did it twice!  And realized that, iconic though the site may be, the walk is actually not very pleasant, being quite noisy and crowded.  It's worse on the southbound leg, as one is walking against traffic, and getting an extra dose of wind and exhaust...  Nevertheless, the plan was to walk to the library in the town of Sausalito and then reverse the trip, making it just a little shy of 18 miles (edging a bit closer to 20.)  A friend wants to take part of a day's trek with me this week, so I/we will be back on the bridge, with my ultimate destination being the Tiburon ferry.

OK, so we don't need any more photos of the bridge, but here are a few of my other support activities, for the sake of diversity!  

Fuzz therapy! - working with 'under-socialized' kittens at the SPCA

Since I turned 65 my gym membership is FREE(!) with the insurance I have...)

Running/jogging in the woods near my house.

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