Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lone Pine, and some photo 'catch-up'...

Here I am in the town of Lone Pine, patiently awaiting delivery of a new pair of boots.  It seems unbelievable to have completely worn down the heels of my almost new Keens in a matter of weeks! Nice town to be exploring while I wait, quite conducive to patience...  Beautiful countryside around here at the base of Mt. Whitney.

Also unbelievable -- very high winds the other night, and fact that my tent was not flattened.  Spent a good part of yesterday cleaning up the grit that got into all of my gear!

Today, thanks to some very serendipitous rides to and from the trailhead, I got a hike up to Lone Pine Lake, on the trail to the Mt. Whitney summit.  The elevation at the lake is almost 10,000' (I was surprised to discover.) It was a toss-up as to whether I stopped so often to take photos due to a need to catch my breath, or from sheer amazement at the breath-taking views.  Serious mountains up here!




  1. Our dear  Melissa,   Beatsie and I have been following your posts with rapt interest and are inspired by your perseverance and commitment to your project and the principles that lie behind it.   Carry on!   As you progress up 395 and turn onto US 6 that begins in Bishop and ends somewhere in New England,  Do stop to rest about two miles along at what was once the town of Laws and is now designated an historic site housing the Laws Museum that preserves, among other things the memory of the narrow gauge railroad that my great grandfather  Robert James Laws built through there in 1883.  Enjoy the exhibits and the shade trees,  the last you will see for many a mile to come. Keep safe and keep well. 

    Your fond, admiring, supportive neighbors,  Bob and Beatsie 

    1. Hi! And sorry for the delayed response! I did stop at the Laws Museum and toured around for some time. A volunteer there gave me some coffee and we chatted for a bit before I headed down the road on a very windy day. Only made 8 miles that day due to the strength of the headwind! But nice to see the museum! Thanks for telling me about it!