Sunday, April 12, 2015

Turning the corner!

Learning about love and attachments, resistance and denial. Always about gratitude.  And the practice of recognizing the relationship between values and judgments. So far my instincts/intuition have proved to be reliable. And sometimes a little bit painful!

Arrived yesterday in the town of Inyokern, where I will change directions for the next few weeks, heading north on Rt. 395  (which is also 'Historic Rt. 6) until they diverge north of Bishop. Had a lovely time in Kernville, with a generous host who, along with her dog and cat companions, made me feel like family. Kernville hadn't been on my route originally, but for several favorable recommendations and a convergence of circumstances!

Came over Walker Pass and camped at the campground there, which intersects with the Pacific Crest Trail. PCT season doesn't officially start for another few weeks, but I was blessed to find that the 'trail angels' were out already! Great thanks to more Bodhisattvas of the road!

Still have intermittent cell service; they say it will be spotty up Rt. 395. Boot heel treads totally gone after this first 3 weeks!! Will be looking for a delivery of some new (and, I hope, more durable ones) in Lone Pine.

More photos to follow; so amazing that I cannot get them attached, after more than an hour of trying!

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