Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fits and starts - having a 'time out' in Sterling, CO

What with weather 'mood swings' and the vicissitudes of reorientation to this process, I have rested more than I have walked so far - maybe to be expected at this early point.  From here I am only about four days walk (as I see it) from a new state - Nebraska!  And shortly thereafter, a new time zone.

Already I have been blessed with amazing care and kindness by the 'road angels' of the past week: first hosted by a beautiful and talented family in Ft. Morgan (who own the Café Lotus, in case you're in town!), offered coffee in the Town Hall at Hillrose (where there were no open businesses), and taken under the wing(s) of various folks in Merino after I had gotten very wet and cold during a long afternoon of rain.  (Yes, I do have rain gear, which leaked badly due to wind direction and an unfortunate garment construction feature...) While in Merino I met a sculptor I had read about - Bradford Rhea, who has his studio there.  I was lucky enough to be invited inside for a visit, and was as impressed by his spiritual devotion as I was by his technical sensitivity and expertise.  His sculptures are decorating many of the public spaces here in Sterling, which is where I ended up on Tuesday night, credit to a Merino church group. I was also treated to a hot meal and a chance to dry my clothes!

Moments worth mentioning:  a huge field full of galloping horses, thundering along the roadway where I was walking. They ran back and forth in loops along the fence line until I had passed by - must have been more than 50 of them - very dramatic (though I was too amazed to think of taking a photo!)  Chanting consistently for the livestock on its way to the many packing plants in this area... notwithstanding the fact that I am, in any case, chanting as I walk much of the time.

Planning to set out again in the morning.  It looks as if there will be 3 or 4 decent walk days before another storm system is due.  This will make it important to plan ahead for a place to pause and wait for the weather.  I am not expecting to hit another library/computer soon.  As always, all good wishes gratefully accepted!

On the train to Ft. Morgan
International music festival in Ft. Morgan


Dream Redeemer


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