Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One foot out the door...

Ready or not -- departure is set for Thursday the 14th, on the Amtrak train to Ft. Morgan, CO.  Where I will re-group for a day (more or less) before setting off down the road once again, in an easterly direction.  Did I have as many 'questionable bodily sensations' last time I started out? (QBS's)  There were a few as I recall, which seemed intermittent and random.  Gradually my tendency toward hyper-vigilance resolved into a general attentiveness and basic self-care regimen, a routine that worked for upwards of 1000 miles, so I guess there's hope!

This month we said goodbye to Molly the cat, who was struggling with a variety of illnesses.  The house feels pretty quiet now. She often followed me around the house and I'm hoping that, unconstrained by a failing physical body, she'll want to follow me down the road and sleep on top of me at night. It wasn't easy letting go.  And this is also the start of another period of letting go as a daily practice.

Well then, here is to health and wellness all around.  The wildflowers are coming out in masses.  It will be interesting to see what is blooming in the wild places along the roadways of eastern Colorado and Nebraska this spring...

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  1. As you continue your journey, please know that you are in our hearts and minds. We'll follow you on your blog and in our hearts. Chuck and Nancy