Friday, April 28, 2017

Hello from LaCrosse, Indiana!

Many blessings to report already on this walk installment.  Starting with mercy from the airline (American) over a baggage check-in question that could have resulted in a $150. extra charge(!) I have enjoyed hospitality in 4 different places so far, as I get on with the task at hand and try to reorient myself to consecutive days of walking a fair distance.  The first walk day was only about 5 miles and I had thought that there would be a couple of 8 - 10 mile days after that.  But I'd got it wrong, and instead have done 15+ miles in these last couple of days...  Weather has been varied; Wednesday was hot, and then yesterday(especially) and today were cold, overcast and windy. Lots of rain expected tomorrow, and an opportunity to see if I've adequately rethought the wet weather walk strategy.

People have been awesome and generous.  Road angels in the Chicago area, and then in Crown Point, Hebron and here in LaCrosse, Indiana.  Sometimes people let me make an offering of my own, but mostly I'm on the receiving end - still learning how to say 'THANK YOU!'  My appreciation is yuuge!

One note on flora; the lilacs here are immense, and growing everywhere. They're in bloom now and it's a very heady perfume downwind!

Back to cardinal country!  (Sorry about the screen...)

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