Sunday, May 7, 2017

Many blessings, and a dash of disaster!

In the early 20th century the land within 30-50 miles of the Kankakee River in northern Indiana was one of the most visited wetlands recreation areas in the U.S. However, its agricultural potential won out in the end, and gradually the river course was altered, wetlands drained, and now cornfields prevail. The soil still looks amazingly rich, much of it nearly black when it is wet. It's been wet most of the time this season!  Springtime planting is still waiting for warmer, drier weather.

A day's walk from LaCrosse I stayed with the last of my prearranged and generous host-angels in a lovely setting along side of the bike/ pedestrian trail. Most of the people who have taken me in as I start out this year are American Discovery Trail advocates/stewards/promoters. On this visit I had a rest day to wait out the weather.

The first part of the following day's walk was a stretch along the trail after which I followed a highway heading for Tippecanoe River State Park. Rain started after a few miles on the road, and a nice fellow in a truck offered me a ride to the park entrance. As I was preparing for the rest of the walk through the park to my rustic little cabin, I made the horrifying discovery that I no longer had my cart's towbelt(!) And it doesn't seem to be recoverable. Which is rather a problem. I have been variously pushing my load, and pulling via a rigged up rope and bungee system. It is doable but not ideal. So the solution must be to replace the belt whenever I can arrange this... certainly before I tackle any major hills!

After another day's walk I had made it to a tiny lakeside community, with a storm in the forecast and an invitation to stay until it had passed. Another timely and very generous offering! This time I was able to reciprocate with some 'housekeeping' and by baking a batch of cookies!

Am camping tonight near the town of Denver, IN, and hear that it may freeze overnight!

This little rusty silo went down a few weeks ago in a 50mph windstorm!

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