Monday, May 15, 2017

About five more walk days to Ohio, but meanwhile I'm having a great time in Muncie, IN!

One of the things I have learned about Hoosiers is that they're serious about their wide expanses of mowed green lawn - acres of it sometimes, in the more rural areas. Of course one must own a riding mower to cope with so many hours of lawn care.  This also means that the elderly folks can still get out there and mow!  I have seen lots of elders, (presumably) happily engaged in this sport.  Sort of an eye-opener for someone from a 'drought-state' city with no grass to her name, at least not of the lawn type!

The walk since my last post has been largely pleasant, especially the stretches of bike/ped path called by various names, and stitched together with some back roads to comprise the ADT (American Discovery Trail.)   I'll be on the Cardinal Greenway for about the rest of Indiana.  Only one day was particularly challenging; this was spent almost entirely on narrow county roads, the pavement along the edges crumbling, shoulders nonexistent, and traffic surprisingly heavy.  This is part of the recommended route and I think it would be equally hazardous for a bicycle! Not everyone wants to 'Share the Road'...

My replacement towbelt might be expected in Richmond, IN by the end of this week, if I am lucky.  It will be about 2-3 days walk from here (Muncie), and I elected to spend a few days in this town rather then hurrying to Richmond and then waiting.  Muncie is the home of Ball State Univerisity, the bequest of the Ball family of Ball Glass fame. There is a lot of interesting stuff going on on campus; today I visited the Owsley Museum of Art, the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse, and also got to look in on a demo happening at the Glick Center for glass.

Have also met several wonderful hosts/trail angels, both via random connections and through the Couchsurfing app. Much lively and interesting conversation has ensued.  Abundant causes for gratitude. There have also been some rainy nights in motels, as well as the most noisy camping place I've ever experienced (a tidy campground right alongside the Interstate!)  Off again tomorrow, and hoping for merciful weather!

Bridges through the town of Marion

Met another cross-country walker - with a very tiny backpack!  He was headed west.

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